A Metallographic Study of a Basic and Mineralogical Open Hearth Heat

CIM Bulletin, 1956


A microscopic study was made of a series of simultaneous slag and metal samples taken from a lowcarbon basic open hearth heat. An attempt was made to identify the various micro-constituents found. As the various impurities in the bath are oxidized, the metal structure changes from that of high-phosphorus white cast iron to that of low.-carbon steel. A detailed study of phosphorus distribution is included. The acid run-off slag has an acicular orthosilicate structure which changes on 'shape-up' to a very basic tri-calcium silicate and calcium ferrite structure. Many unidentified minor constituents are present in the slags. Though metallography will never replace chemic.al analysis of the bath, the microscopic study of polished slags has some promise of being useful in slag control work.
Mots Clés: analysis, Basic Open Hearth Slags, calcium silicate, Magnesio-wustite Periclase Dicalcium, Phosphorus, photomicrograph, Iron, metals, Phosphorus, silicate, Silicates, Slag, Slags