A leader in longhole drilling


Underground longhole drilling, cable anchoring, blasting and drilling of inverse and drop raises, service hole drilling, down the hole drilling and shotcrete are the specialties of Forage Long Trou Cmac Inc. The company has always work with modified equipment done by itselfand the performance of those equipments was superior than the one in the industry. With a special demand of a client, they have created, with the help of external investments of 850 000 $, a new equipment call the "Multi-function drilling buggy". The wide of the frame can be modified according to your needs between 48² and 64² overall width and in 2 lengthwise sections of 24² to 32². The wide of the drilling table can be modified according to the customer need between 48² end 96². It has 4 hydraulic support on each corner to stabilize the buggy during drilling. The drilling table has 360° drilling angle possibility on 3 sides of the buggy. The drilling table can come out on each side of the buggy to 18² to facilitate the positioning of the drill in difficult access area. All kinds of drill can be used on that drilling table. His small dimension mentioned in 1 end 2 permit to have access in 30² diameter raise to the stope of 2.5 meters height and wide. The levers for drill control, drilling table positioning, moving end stabilizing the buggy have been installed according to ergonomics recommendation. The moving system is 4 full wheels installed on 4 planeteries of 9000 pounds capacity with hydraulic motor. Brakes has been installed on planeteries to be more safety for the worker and to facilitate the positioning of the drilling buggy. Retractable wheels can be installed to facilitate access on rails. That drilling buggy can operate with electric power instead of air power. An electric Power Pack is giving power to hydraulic system. The change from air power to electric power and reverse is easy to do. That equipment is built to execute 4 types of activities : development drilling in level and sub-level with the installation of a support arm - drilling and cable laying for ground support - long hole production drilling - raise upward and downward drilling. A arm support can be installed on drilling table to do development drilling. That arm has a side rotation of 60°, a 25² length extension, a drill support rotation of 120° and a 360° arm rotation. Profiting to mining partners in the Northwestern Quebec and Northeastern Ontario, the Company is becoming a leader in longhole drilling in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue and Northeastern Ontario regions. CMAC Inc. assures its mining partners of the upmost level of precision and exceptional quality in its work.