A laboratory study of the flotation circuit at Bakertalc Inc., Highwater, Quebec

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 884, 1985

P.R.A. ANDREWS, Mineral Processing Laboratory, CANMET, EMR Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

A sample of flotation feed from Bakertalc Inc., Highwater, Quebec was subjected to flotation evaluation to improve the recovery of talc. A number of alternative frother/collectors and depressants as well as flotation parameters including pH, conditioning time, frother/collector concentration and pulp density were assessed. In addition, the possibility of using a size coarser than that currently employed for flotation (95% minus 50 /j,m) was investigated. As far as possible, a laboratory duplication of the present circuit arrangement was followed so as to minimize the cost of any changes. The best results obtained were a concentrate analyzing 95.96% acid insolfor a recovery of 65.98% after four stages of cleaning. With recirculation of cleaner tailings, the recovery would be higher. The possibility of using an alternative method, based on the natural ability of talc to float unaided by a frother-/collector, was briefly explored with encouraging results.
Mots Clés: Industrial minerals, Talc, Flotation, Recovery, Milling, Grinding, Processing, Frothers, Depressants.