A Conceptual Data Model for Geological Sample Observations and Measurements


Ian W.S. William Sumner Whitehouse,

In the geology domain, a wide range of data is categorised as “sample observations and measurements” (SOM) data. Due to its diverse nature, SOM data can sometimes appear to be a bewildering array of interconnected information. SOM data is often divided into types like soil samples, diamond drilling, environmental, coal, or diamond. Although each SOM type has a similar data structure, there are unique characteristics for each type. It is difficult to produce a truly generic SOM data model when any of these types are examined in isolation. Designers attempting to create generic SOM data models have often been distracted by metadata perplexity or have failed to see the core structure of the datasets. To provide a better understanding of the morphology of SOM data, an attempt has been made to take the model design back to the fundamental design principles of data modelling. This paper presents a conceptual data model that shows the interaction between core data entities. Although this model is not the design of a physical database, it contains many of the design aspects that a generic, or even a type-specific SOM database should have.
Mots Clés: observation, analytical procedures, Conceptual model, batch, data model, ASSAY, samples, geological, submission, Measurement