A comparison of thermally alloyed Zn-Fe coatings produced by mechanical wiping to those produced by post-coating annealing

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 80, No. 904, 1987

J.P. LANDRIAULTand F.W. HARRISON Research and Development Stelco Inc., Hamilton, Ontario

Zinc-iron alloy coatings can be produced by either thermally alloying hot-dipped galvanized steel or by electrodeposition. Stelco Inc. produces a thermally alloyed Zn-Fe alloy-coated steel, which is mechanically wiped to remove free zinc. A more extensive use of Zn-Fe alloy-coated steel has been predicted for unexposed autobody and structural part applications, since this material is characterized by good spot weldability and formability, and provides superior corrosion resistance under automotive primers. This investigation has examined the coating composition, corrosion resistance, spot weldability and formability of Stelco's Zn-Fe alloy-coated steel and found its properties to be similar to those of Zn-Fe alloy-coated steel produced by post-coating annealing.
Mots Clés: Metallurgy, Thermal alloying, Alloy-coated steel, Corrosion resistance, steel