A commercial coal-oil-water mixture processing facility

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 78, No. 877, 1985

D.C. FULLER, CoaLiquid, Inc.

CoaLiquid, Inc. (CLI) has been in the coal-oil-mixture (COM) business for over five years. The initial pilot processing facility was replaced by a 2000 barrel per day commercial production facility in August 1979. For over two years CLI has been expanding its efforts and conducting large-scale production and combustion demonstrations successfully in many locations across the United States. To facilitate the marketing effort, CLI has recently constructed a special trailer containing all equipment needed for a temporary COM retrofit. CoaLiquid has conducted commercial-scale combustion demonstrations in the following types of combustion units: kilns, calciners, industrial boilers, blast furnaces and driers.
Mots Clés: Coal processing, Coal-oil mixture, Coal beneficiation, Coal washing, Marketing, Economics, Energy, Combustion, Emulsions.