A Centennial of Mining Exploration and Development -Coxheath Hills, Cape Breton

CIM Bulletin, 1967

Harry R. Oldale Field Manager, Mariner Mines Ltd., Sydney, N.S.

This paper first covers the general and economic geology of the Coxheath Hills area, and then outlines the exploration and mining development that has been carried out since the first discovery of copper in the area in 1875. The work of Mariner Mines Limited from 1963 to the present time is detailed, particular attention being paid to the recent discoveries of copper, silver and lead mineralization that have greatly enhanced the potential of the area.
Mots Clés: Bethlehem Copper, Coxheath Mine, mineralization, molybdenum, pluton, copper, Limited, Mine, mineralization, Mines, Rock, Shafts