A Canadian Outlook for Lead and Zinc

CIM Bulletin, 1971

P. H. TOLCHER, Manager, Marketing Research, Cominco Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

Canada, as the Free World's largest mine producer of zinc and the third largest mine producer of lead, has a vital interest in the future growth in demand for these metals. This paper traces the development of lead and zinc consumption in the last two decades, both on a total-FreeWorld basis and by major market areas. How Canada, as a major mine producer, has shared in this growth is also indicated. In addition, future consumption for both metals in the current decade of the 1970's is forecast. The demand these projections will make on Free World mines, particularly on Canadian mines, is examined. Some of the opportunities and challenges the Canadian mining industry will likely face during this period are also dealt with.
Mots Clés: Canada, Canada, Canadian, marketing research, mine, zinc, Consumption, Demand, Growth, Lead, metals, zinc