World Potash Productive Capacity and Consumption

CIM Bulletin, 1973

R. H. KNUDSEN, Petroleum Reservoir Engineer, Department of Mineral Resources, Regina, Saskatchewan

In view of the chronic overcapacity problem in the world potash industry and Saskatchewan's recent emergence as a major producer, the long-term outlook for potash productive capacity and consumption is of importance and interest to both the Saskatchewan Government and the potash industry. This paper is based on a report recently published by the Saskatchewan Department of Mineral Resources on projected world potash productive capacity and consumption for the ten-year period 1970 to 1980. Potash productive capacity and consumption are estimated on a country and regional basis and projected annually to 1980. Tables and graphs are included which summarize projected capacity and consumption for the period and illustrate the impact of Saskatchewan's capacity upon the North American and world potash industries.
Keywords: Capacity, Consumption, Eastern Europe, K20, potash, potassium chloride, Saskatchewan Government, Europe, Growth, North, potash, Potash industry, Production, Saskatchewan