Wireless for Mine Shafts - From Construction to Production


Jeremy Berg, Redpath Canada Limited; James Mulligan, Redpath Canada Limited

There is a very small fraction of wireless experts in the world with experience in underground installations and an even smaller fraction that have experience specific to building mine shafts. This is why in 2009, Redpath created its own system to meet the demands specific to shaft construction. Today, after a dozen shaft installations and several design iterations, Redpath has the expertise and experience required to implement a proper wireless system in any shaft configuration. This document will explain multiple proven wireless communication designs optimized for shaft construction and suitable for permanent use. This includes line of sight installations up to 1200m, short range mesh networks, and the latest patent pending Integrated Leaky Feeder Mesh Network. Additionally, this document will explore the lessons that Redpath learned in its effort to interconnect the people and tools needed to build a mine shaft.
Keywords: wireless, network, shaft, sinking, communication, VOIP, Ethernet, hoist