Where We Stand in Slurry Flow Measurement

CIM Bulletin, 1973

G. M. BEHREND, Chief Instrument Engineer, Canadian Bechtel Limited, Montreal, Que

A group of mining men attending a recent workshop on "Analysis and Control in the Canadian Minerals Industry" issued, among others, the following statement: "Slurry flow measurement is considered to be one of the most inaccurate in the industry. A special program should be launched to encourage development." In response, this paper starts off the program with an investigation of the principles and the conventional practice of slurry flow measurement and identifies weaknesses which cause inaccuracies. Then it follows with descriptions of nonconventional systems in use at various locations and comments on their degree of success. The paper concludes that relatively simple methods, which it describes, can be applied to obtain an accurate slurry flow measurement.
Keywords: Density, field coil, flow measurement, magnetic flow meter, slurry, specific gravity, flow, Flow measurements, mining, Pipe, Slurry, Systems, Water, Waters