Wet Collectors Control Dust and Air Pollution

CIM Bulletin, 1971

F. MALLOZZI, Manager, Dust Control Products, American Air Filter of Canada Ltd., Montreal, Quebec

With the requirements of air pollution codes becoming more and more critical, the role of the ventilation engineer in industry has become an extremely important one. The ventilation engineer must provide the expertise for the selection of equipment and the design of systems which will reduce pollution to an acceptable level. Because pollution control systems involve considerable capital and operating expense, he must have the ability to select, from a wide range of products, the collector which will provide the required performance with a minimum of down time for maintenance. This paper discusses the principles of wet collection and the forces used to separate particulate matter from a gas stream. Important factors in the selection of equipment, such as collection efficiency, horsepower requirements and water consumption for the various types of collectors, are discussed in detail, as well as the construction features normally incorporated to circumvent potential problems.
Keywords: Air, air pollution, centrifugal, micron, particulate matter, pressure drop, Applications, Dust, Efficiency, particles, Pollution, Requirements, Water, Waters