Western Canada's Oil and Gas

CIM Bulletin, 1952

IF I WERE ASKED what are the two most important single factors in shaping the growth of Canada to date, and in building its future, the answer would be: first, the treasure house of natural resources on and below the surface over the length and breadth of our country; and two, the pioneering spirit and 'get up and go' of many of our people. The two factors are inseparable. Without the pioneering spirit, the natural resources of land, forest, stream, and the subsurface would have continued to be useless, . idle assets. With the pioneering spirit, Canada's natural resources have been and are creating economic revolutions. Western Canada oil and natural gas rank high on the list of such revolutions. Calgary, your meeting place today, is the birthplace of this economic revolution, one that has already sharply altered the economic .of the middle half of Canada particularly that of Alberta; is increasingly making its weight felt on the economy of all Canada; and is helping re-Shape world thinking on sources of vital petroleum. supply for both peace and war. Calgary is today the 'operation headquarters' for the great bulk of a image exploration and development programme that now extends over a quarter of a million square miles of Canada's West. As a Calgarian, therefore, I am particularly happy to have this privilege of talking about oil and natural gas to members of the C.I.M. M., who play a key role in the development of all Canada's varied natural resources.
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