Wemco Large-Capacity Flotation Cells

CIM Bulletin, 1972


This paper describes the development and some typical applications of Wemco's large-capacity flotation machines, the No. 120 and the No. 144, with volumes of 300 and 500 cubic feet, respectively. During the 1960's, it became obvious that low-grade orebodies would be mined at high tonnage rates - plants and grinding mills would be larger, which would create a demand for larger flotation equipment. To meet this demand, Wemco developed a single-mechanism, 300-cubicfoot cell, having five times the volume of the standard No. 66 cell. The average production rate of the No. 66 cell on porphyry copper ore was 100 tpd per cell; and it was our intention that the No. 120 (300-cu. ft) cell would handle 500 tpd per cell, with at least equal metallurgical results and power consumption per ton. The success and industry acceptance of the No. 120 cell has since led to the d.evelopment of a larger cell, the No. 144, having a volume of 500 cubic feet.
Keywords: porphyry copper, large copper, Rexdale, Ontario, cells, rotor