Well Improvement Techniques in the Peace River Area

CIM Bulletin, 1958

PACIFIC PETROLEUMS, Ltd. first discovered commercial quantities of gas in the Peace River area in 1952. Development of gas wells in this area is quite expensive due to low penetration rates. To improve the economics, the potential of the wells in many cases ha.d to be increased. At that time, well stimulation was still in its infancy in Canada and in this area, in particular, no treatment of any consequence had been attempted. Therefore, trial-anderror was the only means available to determine the stimulating technique that would give optimum results. Various fluid treatments were available and these were used wherever the application was warranted. This paper covers acid fracture and explosive treatments as carried out on various gas-bearing horizons.
Keywords: Acid, dolomite, dolomite, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acid, Triassic, Fluids, formation, Hydrochloric acid, Pressure, test, Tests, Treatment, Wells