Welding - A Useful Maintenance Tool

CIM Bulletin, 1967

H. Thomasson Consulting Engineer, Research and Development Laborotories, Canadian Westinghouse Co. 1..td., Hamilton, Ont.

This paper will deal with on-site maintenance welding using the stick electrode, electric arc process. It is primarily concerned with the underlying principles, the application of which, or the lack of such application, governs the success or failure of the operation. It will discuss first the base metal or item to be welded, including the field identification of its weldability and the determination of the procedures to be followed. Second, it will outline heat effects and the interrelation between heat applied as part of a welding operation and heat deliberately applied as part of a heat treating cycle, stressing the fact that in welding the same basic principles are effective. The third consideration will be weld metal and its control of both composition and properties. Last, but not least, distortion, shrinkage and residual stress will be considered and practical means for minimizing their adverse effects outlined.