Wall control techniques at Inco's Pipe Open Pit

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 72, No. 805, 1979

J. JANESON, Senior Mine Planning/Layout Engineer, Manitoba Division, Inco Metals Company, Thompson, Manitoba

Wall control at the Pipe Open Pit is of primary importance in ensuring the long-term stability of the operation, while keeping costs to a minimum. Blasting techniques have been adapted to the variations in competence and structure of the wall rocks. A portion of the perimeter wall is being developed in incompetent peridotite. A recent change in pit slope design provides a wide safety berm on alternate benches. A support program which consists of pinning the crests of wide berms with vertical reinforced concrete dowels and horizontal bolting of walls shows evidence of increasing the stability of the pit walls.This paper describes the blasting and support techniques which are contributing to successful wall control in the Pipe operation.
Keywords: Open-pit mining, Pipe Mine, Wall control, Pit design, Drilling, Blasting, Perimeter blasting, Dowels.