Vocational Guidance and the Professional Scientific & Engineering Societies

CIM Bulletin, 1952


These societies can help in such aspects of a vocation.al guidance program in secondary schools as: provide vocational and technical information, and assist with vocational exploration, such .as plant visits, films, etc. - as an aid to the student in making a self-inventory. Evidence is increasing ,that employers' needs for engineers and scientists will not be adequately met in the future. Therefore, the E.I.C., C.I.M., .and C.l:C. recently revised and extended the activities of the Canadian Counselling Committee on Engineering and Science. This cooperative .action is to be integrated with the educational system, nationally .and locally, and with provincial associations of engineers and other groups interested in the provision of vocational information in engineering and science.
Keywords: Canada, Canada, Canadian, Natural Sciences and Engineering, secondary school, vocational, Canadian, Engineering, Engineers, Information, Plants, Responsibility, service, Services, Systems