Variation in the Composition of the Lake Dufault Granodiorite

CIM Bulletin, 1962


Variation in content of some of the major and minor elements in the Lake Dufault granodiorite near Noranda, Quebec has been studied. The element variation and specific gravity data show a pattern consistent with the concept of a concentrically zoned intrusive on the western side of Lake Dufault with a potassiumrich core and a calcium-rich inner zone. The part of the intrusive on the eastern side of Lake Dufault is of more problematical origin, but the suggestion is made that it has resulted from assimilation of volcanic rock by the intrusive.
Keywords: analysis, Calcium, calcium, granodiorite, specific gravity, strontium, X-ray fluorescence, Diorite, Lake Dufault, Potassium, Rock, Rocks, Strontium