Value added products

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 933, 1990

J.A.E. Bell, Inco Limited, J.R. Gordon Research Laboratory, Mississauga, Ontario

Inco has shifted part of its traditional extractive research effort at its J. Roy Gordon Research Laboratory in Mississauga toward new, value-added products. Most of the effort is being expended on new Ni powders for batteries and new Ni-coated products which will be produced in Inco's carbonyl nickel refineries. New products under development are Ni-coated powders, Ni-coated fibres and ultra-fine Ni powders. Other new products for advanced material applications include controlled expansion composites, NiGOLD strip, Thermal barrier coatings on Inco alloys, and plasma coatings.
Keywords: Inco Limited, Research and development, Copper composites, NiGOLD