Valuation of Ore Blocks by Regression Analysis - An Aid to the Control of Mine Production Grades

CIM Bulletin, 1972


The metal content of ore blocks can be calculated by the use of many different methods. These methods range in sophistication from manual calculation to computer. oriented techniques. In this case a cubic polynomial regression model is developed to depict the grade distribution of an orebody. Mine production, in stope dimensions, is then simulated on a computer to predict the output of metal content. The volume, grade and variance of the grade are estimated by triple integration and matrix algebra. A case study shows reasonable agreement between the results from the mathematical model and the mine geologists' estimate of production and ore reserve grade and tonnage.
Keywords: Grade, Model, Models, Ore, ore, Queen's University, regression, standard deviation, stope, Ores, Regression analyses, Regression analysis, stope, stopes