Valuation of exploration properties

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 89, No. 1004, 1996

Hrayr Agnerian, Consulting Geologist, Roscoe Postle Associates Inc.

The fair market value of an exploration property is determined by its potential to host a mineral deposit. This potential is gauged by the results of previous exploration, exploration stage, meaningful past expenditures and remaining targets that are not yet tested. Values of exploration properties can be viewed as distinct points in a three-dimensional space defined by orthogonal axes, namely: Exploration Stage (x-axis); Cumulative Expenditures (y-axis); and Property Value (z-axis). In general, these values are estimated by applying activity factors on previous exploration expenditures, e.g. an activity factor of 100% for an active property with good potential and a factor of 50% for an active property but past expenditures have not upgraded the property. At certain periods, a market factor may also be applied to reflect the activity of mineral property acquisitions. For properties that do not exhibit any exploration potential, only nominal values are applied.
Keywords: Property valuation, Exploration, Fair market Value, Market value.