Utilization of Alberta Sub-Bituminous Coal

CIM Bulletin, 1958

C OAL of sub-bituminous rank underlies much of the plains area of Alberta. This coal is geologically young, and occurs in Belly River and Edmonton strata of Upper Cretaceous age. Generally, the seams are flat-lying, but in sorne areas they may dip as much as 5 d egrees. The overburden, composed mainly of glacial clays and sands tones, may vary in depth from a few fe et to several thousand feet. R ecovery of the coal has 'been by drift, slope, and shaft underground mines, and by open-pit stripping operations. Production has been obtained from a large number of mines, most of which have been relatively small and with preparation equipment limited to a Ioading tipple with screening facilities, and a picking belt where high-ash materials can be removed from the larger sizes. The coal has been sold for domes tic and industrial space-heating, for production of process steam, and for power generation. In recent years competition from natural gas, propane, and oil has seriously interfered with the production and marketing of sub-bituminous coal, especially with the disposai of the smaller sizes at a realistic priee
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