Uses, Design, and Construction of Mine Models

CIM Bulletin, 1958


DURING a recent trip across Canada and parts of the northern United States, the . writer examined sorne forty mine models. Construction -details and the uses to which the models were being put were outlined in a report to Eldorado Mining and Refining, Limited, and a specifie model was proposed on the basis of the Company's particular needs at their Beaverlodge operation. It was felt, however, that portions of the report would be of sorne value to anyone contemplating building a mine model. For this reason, a synopsis of sorne of the more important aspects of the problem is presented here, together with a suggesied model type that appears to have wide application. Thanks are due not only to Eldorado for permission to publish the following material, but also to the many mine personnel across Canada who aUowed the writer to examine their models and gave freely of their time in discussion
Keywords: Construction, Development, Developments, Diamond Drilling Diamond, geology, plastic, skeleton, stopes, Mine, Mines, Model, Models, Plastics, Sheet