Use of the Similarity Principle in Predicting the Optimum Performance of Iron Reduction Kilns

CIM Bulletin, 1964

N. J. Themelis Noranda Research Centre, Pointe Claire, Que. J. W. Donaldson Koppers Company, Inc;, Pittsburgh, Pa. and M.C. Udy Strategic-Udy Processes Inc., Niagara Falls, H.Y.

According to the principle of similarity, the physical :and chemical configurations of a system can be defined by ratios of magnitudes within the system and do not depend on the size or nature of units of measurement. In the present work, the similarity principle was utilized in evaluating the reducibility of various iron ores in a rotary batch furnace under optimum operating conditions. It was then used successfully to extrapolate the results, first to the operation of a 20-ft. pilot-plant kiln and then to an industrial-size 80-ft. kiln. By means of this systematic analysis of kiln operation, it was possible to increase the production capacity of the kiln considerably
Keywords: Air, carbon monoxide, Iron Ore Reduction, mass transfer, natural gas, rotary kiln, Coal, Furnaces, Ore, Ores, Reduction, Temperature, test, Tests