Uranium vs Fossil Fuels- as an Energy Source

CIM Bulletin, 1969

EDWARD S. BELL, Senior Engineer, Power Generation Studies, National Energy Board; FRANK ANGEBRANDT, Petroleum Engineer, National Energy Board, Ottawa, Ont.

Nuclear reactors must have very large heat outputs to compete with conventional sources and the only feasible applications are in the production of electric power or large quantities of process steam. This paper considers alternative fuels for electric power generation in Canada. In a publicly owned utility, nuclear stations are economic for base-load generation for unit sizes of 500 mega watts or larger where competitive fossil fuel costs are higher than about 30 cents per million Btu. In British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, fossil fuels will continue to be in adequate supply at costs lower than 30 cents per million Btu and thus, except for the special case of Vancouver Island, power generation in Western Canada will continue to be the hydraulic and conventional thermal type. In Eastern Canada, fossil fuel prices are likely to be higher than 30 cents per million Btu and most utilities will be able to install units of 500 mw or larger, so that nuclear power plants will provide much of the base-load generation required.
Keywords: Btu and, CANADA Fossil Fuels, Eastern Canada, Natural Gas ..... ., Ontario Hydro, Cost, Costs, energy, Fuel, Fuels, generation, Load, Oil, Oils