Uranium Concentration with the Driessen Cone

CIM Bulletin, 1955


THE DRIESSEN CONE bas been used fairly extensively commercially as a classifier. Its use as a concentrator in the upgrading of ores at a fairly high ratio of concentration with concomitant recoveries has been almost negligible. Certain known features about the cone, however, such as its high throughput capacity, cheapness of construction and operation, and simplicity of design have attracted the attention of mill men. An inadequate knowledge of the operating characteristics of the cone when used as a concentrator seems to have been the main reason for its lack of use. It was for this reason that the present investigations§ were undertaken to determine the operating characteristics of the cone and its application to the concentration of uranium ores, with particular emphasis being placed on the concentration of low-grade uranium ores. The investigations were started in December, 1951, and have continued uninterrupted to the present. The initial work was confined chiefly to investigating the operating characteristics of the cone in order to establish the trends that certain variables would exert on the general metallurgy of uranium concentration. Optimum metallurgy was therefore not the prime initial objective.
Keywords: Cone Operation Viscosity, Metallurgy, Specifie Gravity, underflow, University of Alberta, Grade, Gravity, Investigations, Metallurgy, Operation, Ore, Ores, Pressure