Upgrading Magnetic Concentrates by Cationic Flotation

CIM Bulletin, 1966

C. 0. Staples Arthur G. McKee & Company of Conada Ltd., Toronto, Ont. i. G. Morrow Algoma Ore Properties Div., The Algoma Steel Corp. Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont

The application of cationic flotation to the upgrading of magnetic concentrates was investigated in the laboratory by both batch and continuous test procedures. It was found that the collection of coarse gangue particles with amine, heretofore considered a serious obstacle to this particular application of cationic flotation, is greatly enhanced by a drastic reduction in what might otherwise be considered normal impeller speed. Gangue flotation is independent of variations in the rate of aeration. The collector and Crothers additions and the impeller speed which favour the formation of a matte froth yield optimum results.
Keywords: amine, Analysis of Variance, factorial design, Iron Grade Impeller Reagents, Concentrate, Concentrates, experiment, Experiments, flotation, Frothers, Grade, Iron, Iron recovery