Underground Survey Measurements- Research for Progress

CIM Bulletin, 1967

Adam Chrzanowski  Associate Professor Eugene E. Derenyi Assistant Professor Peter Wilson Assistant Professor University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.'B.

The rapid growth of the mining industry in Canada necessitates a re-evaluation of existing mining surveying techniques and the development of new methods. In this connection, the Department of Surveying Engineering at the University of New Brunswick initiated a research program, and the major points of investigation conducted to date are as follows: 1. Based on practical experience and theoretical studies, all factors influencing classical shaft-plumbing procedures were analyzed. Refined methods were developed to increase accuracy. 2. The performance of electronic and optical distancemeasuring instruments in underground conditions were investigated. in this connection, test measurements were made in various mines, employing four types of Tellurometers, two models of Geodimeters and a prototype optical range-finder. 3. Tests were conducted and methods developed for the mapping of large underground chambers by photogrammetric means