Underground Mining and milling at Cowichan Copper Co. Ltd.

CIM Bulletin, 1965

J. R. Billingsley At time of writing - Manager, Cawichan Copper Co. Ltd., River Jordon, B.C.

Of the twelve known ore zones on the Sunro property, acquired by Cowichan Copper Co., only the "B" and "C" orebodies of the "River Zone" had been explored sufficiently to indicate the grade and tonnage. The "B" zone was selected for initial production. The portion of this orebody above the main adit level was developed for horizontal-ring, longhole mining. Ore from the stope would be scraped directly to t he coarse ore bin. The lack of a suitable mill site on surface, as well as the 8,000-ft. tramming distance, led naturally to the installation of the entire crushing and milling plant underground.
Keywords: adit, Basalt, Ore Bin, scram, stope, Mill, Mills, North, Ore, Ores, Raises, stope, stopes