Underground Corrosion Tests on Aluminum Alloys at Wright-Hargreaves Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1950


A number of panels of various aluminum alloys in different combinations and secured by steel and three types of aluminum rivets were exposed underground at two locations in a Northern Ontario gold mine for two years and then examined to determine the extent of corrosion. The results indicate Alcan 65S-T to possess considerable advantages over Alcan 178-T, which has been employed in the construction of light skips and cages with considerable success for almost twenty years. Information on the behaviour of these alloys when used with steel rivets and in mixed combinations with themselves was obtained.
Keywords: Alloys, Aluminum, Aluminum alloy, Aluminum alloys, aluminum, galvanic corrosion, Panels (a) 26ST Alclad Plate, rivets, Bars, Corrosion, Skips, steel, Steels