Tyndalloscope Experiences Under Mine Working Conditions

CIM Bulletin, 1970

R. B. FERMOR, Safety and Ventilation Services, Quebec Metal Mining Association Inc., Val d'Or, Quebec

The tyndalloscope is used in Europe for dust-hazard assessments in both coal and metal mines. Dust-hazard conditions can be directly evaluated by the tyndalloscope in many underground working situations, once the basic standard table or tables have been prepared from representative mine-rock samples. The tyndalloscope is excellent, in many cases, for diagnostic dust sampling during a working shift, because individual readings can be taken to within three-minute intervals. The limitations of the tyndalloscope are also discussed. The author suggests that a combination of both the tyndalloscope and gravimetric sampling methods would be an ideal match for most mine dust-hazard assessments
Keywords: Air, Bochum Silicosis Research, Dust Sampling in Mines, infra-red spectroscopy, Quartz Vein, vernier scale, Concentration, Dust, Mine, mineral, minerals, Mines, Respirable dust, Value