TUFFSTUDDS-A new wear protection system

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 846, 1982

R.C. COOK, V. SILINS and J. TAMELING, Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

A general review of the wear problems encountered in the mining industry is presented and current practice for wear protection systems is reviewed.A new concept in wear protection is described and compared to alternative systems. Utilization of conventional stud welding technology and abrasion-resistant wear studs is shown to be a useful supplement or substitution for conventional techniques. Operating life of many consumable components can be increased by up to four fold. The technique is highly portable for on-site field application or can be used in shop environments.Details of the wear protection model and metallurgical properties of the wear component are also reviewed. Laboratory wear test data are reported to supplement field test performance or to screen potential alloy compositions for application in specific environments.
Keywords: Metallurgy, Wear protection, Abrasion resistance, Welding, Steel, Hardness.