Truck dispatching and simulation methods in open-pit operations

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 835, 1981

P.K. CHATTERJEE, Lecturer, Mining Engineering, University of Queensland, D.J. BRAKE, Mining Engineer, Mount Isa Mines Limited, Mount Isa, Australia

The operations of a large-scale open-cut mine are simulated to produce a user-oriented interactive digital model. SIMULA is chosen as the programming language and a sophisticated data base system is designed to consider the complex information network of large mines. The main features of the program are the mine planning and mine evaluation modules. These modules are responsible for the computation of truck-shovel performance and other equipment details in a mine. Stochastic methods are employed to generate event times. The use of a  Data Base Management System and the data base provide an  efficient method of information storage and retrieval. Truck allocation techniques have been examined in detail and comparisons between random dispatching and conventional  methods are made. The model is intended for mine operators  and engineers and the program is well structured and very  readable. It is hoped that these features will make the model \ readily acceptable.
Keywords: Equipment, Maintenance, Trucks, Dispatching, Simulation, Open-pit mining, Computers, Mine design.