Triple Deck Roller Feeder – From scratch to results


Éloi Godin, Metal7

It has been long recognized that conducting a unit operation in closed circuit enhances its efficiency. This concept also applies to the agglomeration of green balls in the iron ore pelletizing industry. Metal7 has relied on classification principles to develop an array of product fulfilling the needs of pelletizing plants. Those principles had conducted more recently to the development of Triple Deck, a breakthrough for the pelletizing plants. This presentation outlines the theoretical basis for the development of this new screening process and exposes the benefits for the end-user. In partnership with the benchmark pelletizing plant of ArcelorMittal Mines Canada, the first Triple Deck was installed and operated with success. Results of this industrial trial will be share through the presentation, as well as operating experience.
Keywords: Triple Deck, Iton ore Pelletizing, Screening, Screening Efficiency, Productivity Increase, Quality Improvment, Energy Consumption Reduction.