Trends In Mineral Economics Research

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 776, 1976

C. George Miller, Executive Director, Centre for Resource Studies, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

As the influence of governments has become -more widely felt, the use of research techniques to analyze policy has increased. Mineral economics, as one of the foundations of mineral policy research, has grown accordingly. Policy research and analysis has been carried out within governments, university departments and the private sector. Each of these institutional environments has characteristics which influence the topics of study, the approach, the methodology and the output of the research. A brief survey of recent research activities provides illustrations of trends and developments occurring within this organizational framework. A radically different organization, the independent research institute, has begun to make an impact on policy research in recent years, and will have an increasing importance in the future. Combining certain features of the traditional research organizations, it nevertheless has important differences which are essential to its effective functioning. An overview of the formation, goals, organization and operation of one such institute is presented.