Trends and Practices tn Diamond Drilling

CIM Bulletin, 1955

DURING the past quarter of a century diamond drilling, in all its phases, has increased in Canada to a very impressive total of more than 10,000,000 feet annually. Since the art of diamond drilling became recognized, some seventy five years ago, there has been considerable improvement in both equipment and technique. The steam powered drill rig and the hand-set diamond bit are things of the past. The purpose of this paper is to review some drilling trends and practices over the past few years. In the preparation of the paper, the author wishes to acknowledge kind assistance of Mr. J. D. Cumming, Dr. C. H. Hitchcock, Mr. Robert H. Quintal, and many others, including staff members of the Long year organization.
Keywords: Bits, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Canadian Diamond Drilling As-Large Series, rock bolt, tungsten, CORE, Diamond, Diamonds, Drill, Drilling, Drills, Equipment, Water, Waters