Treatment of complex copper concentrates in the TBRC at Boliden

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 832, 1981

STIG PETERSSON, General Manager, Research and Development, SUNE ERIKSSON, Chief of Metallurgical Research, and CHRISTER FRIDFELDT, Research Metallurgist, Boliden Metall Aktiebolag, Sweden

Boliden Metal Corporation has developed a technique to treat complex copper concentrates containing large amounts of lead, zinc, arsenic, antimony and bismuth which cannot be treated in conventional smelters due to the impurities.Tests were carried out to treat such complex copper concentrates in the TBRC. They were performed in a pilot-plant TBRC with charges of 5 tons. These tests resulted in a new method to treat complex copper raw materials and produce a blister copper low in impurities. The background and data from the testwork are presented as well as a flowsheet for a full-scale process.
Keywords: Process metallurgy, Copper concentrates, TBRC, Boliden, Smelting, Ronnskar Works, Converters, Rotary converters, Furnaces.