Transportation in the Uranium Areas of the Northwest Territories

CIM Bulletin, 1952

by W. J. Bennett

I AM very happy to have this opportunity of speaking to the Montreal Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. I have selected as the subject of my remarks transportation in that area which is at present our only source of uranium - Northwest Canada. Considering the widespread interest in atomic energy, the end product of uranium, it may be wondered why I have not chosen to speak of a more spectacular aspect of the development. I 1hope it will be evident from what I have to say that transportation plays a very dominant role in our effort to maintain a continuing supply from Eldorado's producing property at Port Radium on Great Bear lake and from its coming producer at Beaver lodge Lake in Northwest Saskatchewan. Moreover, transportation has such a bearing on the entire mineral development of the Northwest ,that it cannot help but be of concern to an organization of this kind. Finally, the transportation problem, of which I shall try to tell you something, is quite unique and the story of its solution or partial solution, is, I believe, an interesting one.
Keywords: Air, Athabaska, Beaverlodge, Canada, Edmonton to Port Radium, ore dressing, Cost, Costs, Operation, Radium, service, Services, Transportation, Water, Waters