TransAlta's Low NOX/SOX Burner

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 83, No. 944, 1990

G.D. Bateson, TransAlta Utilities Corporation

The Low NOX/SOX (LNS) Burner is a technology which, in pilot-scale tests, significantly reduces acid rain-forming emissions from the burning of coal. The precursors of acid rain are nitrous oxides (NOJ and sulphur dioxide (SOJ. TransAlta is currently planning two demonstration projects. Esso Resources Canada and TransAlta are undertaking a project to demonstrate how coal can be burned cleanly for steam raising in heavy oil operations by using TransAlta's LNS Burner on a steam generator at Esso's Cold Lake Production Project. The $10.7 million project started up in mid-1990, with testing to be completed in mid-1991. The province of Alberta and Western Economic Diversification Canada, along with other private industry, are contributing funding to the project. The other demonstration project that has been selected for funding under the United States Department of Energy's Innovative Clean Coal Technology Program is a retrofit of LNS Burners to a 33 MW cyclone unit at Southern Illinois Power Cooperative's Marion generating plant. The US$13.6 million project is scheduled for completion 18 months after final funding arrangements are made. TransAlta believes that these demonstrations will lead to the development of a commercial "clean coal" technology. Other demonstration projects being planned will further broaden the base of applications.
Keywords: Environment, Acid rain, Coal burning technology, Low NOX/SOX Burner, NLS Burner, Technology.