Toward the inventory of Ontario's mineral aggregates

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 71, No. 789, 1978

W. R. Cowan, Geologist, Phanerozoic Geology Section, Geological Branch, Division of Mines, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Toronto, Ont.

The availability of mineral aggregates for construction purposes is rapidly declining through inadequate resource planning, restrictive zoning and legislation, and competing land uses. The Geological Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has undertaken to provide aggregate inventory reports for all townships designated under The Pits and Quarries Control Act, 1971, and eventually for all townships in heavily populated areas. The reports contain maps and recommendations for extractive zoning by municipalities; of necessity only the largest deposits are given priority recommendations. It is intended that these reports should improve the resource planning in areas underlain by large aggregate deposits. The inventory is only possible because a concentrated effort has been made to map the Quaternary geology of populated areas over the last ten years. Future needs require that we develop methods to determine the extent of poorly defined and buried aggregates and that we look for natural alternatives.
Keywords: Industrial minerals, Aggregates, Mineral aggregates, Ontario, Quaternary geology, Surficial geology, Pleistocene geology, Till, Sand, Gravel.