Total Plant Control By A Process Computer At Quebec Carder's Mount Wright Property

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 780, 1977

G. Bourque and D. Runnels, Quebec Cartier Mining Company, Port Cartier, Quebec

One of the design criteria for the Mount Wright facilities was to incorporate the latest proven automation techniques and devices for the new crushing, grinding and concentrating plant. The heart of the centralized control system is a Fox 1 process computer, located in the central control room in the administration building. The entire operation, i.e. crushing, conveying, storing, grinding and concentrating, is monitored and controlled, through the process computer, by one operator via a CRT console. In case of computer failure, the control is automatically, and without process interruption, transferred to manual back-up panels. One of the newest management tools, the process computer is programmed to collect and automatically print out shift, daily and monthly reports on tonnage, metallurgy and equipment operating time, for better planning of operations and preventative maintenance.
Keywords: Mount Wright, Process computer, Plant control, Process control, Management reports, Quebec Cartier Mining Company.