Titanium - Its Physical Metallurgy and Potentialities

CIM Bulletin, 1953


TITANIUM is probably the most widely publicized metal today. Much has been written, both in the lay press and the technical press, about its properties and potentialities. In view of the fact that Canada possesses large quantities of titanium- bearing ore, and could conceivably become a major producer of metallic titanium, it was felt that a paper dealing mainly with the physical metallurgy of titanium would be of interest to this Institute. this paper is concerned chiefly with the useful properties of titanium and its alloys and the fundamentals governing the modification of its properties by alloying.
Keywords: Alloys, ilmenite, magnesium, modulus of elasticity, Rem-Cru Titanium Inc., titanium tetrachloride, metals, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Process, Processes, Temperature, titanium, Titanium alloys