Thermoluminescence of Rocks as a Prospecting Tool - Equipment and Methods

CIM Bulletin, 1965

D. J. McDougall Dept. of Geotechnical Sciences, Loyola College, Montreal, Quebec

Due to changes in the solid-state conditions of minerals in the rocks surrounding hydrothermal, contact metasomatic or metamorphosed ore deposits, positive or negative thermoluminescent anomalies may be found in their vicinity. Several types of equipment which can be used for both quantitative and semi-quantitative measurements of the emission are discussed and compared. Methods of selecting, preparing and testing samples to ensure reproducible results are outlined, along with the kind of data which can be obtained from different types of equipment.
Keywords: drill core, photomultiplier, thermoluminescence, trace elements, ultraviolet, Emissions, Equipment, Materials, mineral, minerals, Rock, Rocks, Temperature, Tubes