Thermal Decomposition and V a pour Pressure Measurements on Arsenopyrite and an Arsenical Ore

CIM Bulletin, 1961

An arsenical ore containing both pyrite and arsenopyrite was heated to a temperature at which decomposition and distillation took place. The condensate consisted of metallic arsenic and arsenic disulphide, although the analysis of the ore showed that volatile arsenic and sulphur were present in proportion to produce a condensate of arsenic trisulphide and sulphur. Distillation tests on the mineral arsenopyrite also produced a condensate of metallic arsenic and arsenic disulphide. This arsenic sulphide gave a distinct x-ray diffraction pattern which was not listed in the A.S.T.M. data file. This same sulphide can be produced by heating a mixture of arsenic and sulphur in vacuo. lts chemical analysis corresponds to As2S2. The dissociation pressures of arsenopyrite and the vapour pressures of arsenic disulphide and arsenic metal were measured, using a quartz "spoon" gauge. The dissociation pressures of arsenopyrite were compared with the published data for the dissociation pressures of pyrite to account for the behaviour of an arsenical ore during thermal decomposition.
Keywords: Arsenic, arsenic, arsenopyrite, distillation, sulphur, vapour pressure, Distillation, Ore, Ores, Pressure, pyrite, sulphur, Temperature