Theory and Practice of Roasting Sulphide Concentrates

CIM Bulletin, 1952


I N 1940, in a series of articles, M. W. von Bernewitz reviewed in detail roasting of gold and silver sulphide ores and concentrates. Since that time some significant developments in roasting have taken place, and a number of papers have appeared in the Canadian technical literature, dealing severally with the roasting of a particular ore or concentrate. The purpose of this paper is not only to review some of these Canadian papers and bring the information on Canadian roasting practices to .date, but also to analyse the mechanism of roasting. Hence, it is proposed to start which a study of physico-chemical factors fundamental in roasting, the knowledge of witch, by creating a sound basis for a proper roaster design, makes good roasting possible.
Keywords: arsenic, partial pressure, pyrite, pyrrhotite, sulphur, Calcine, Concentrate, Concentrates, Control, Controls, Roasters, Roasting, sulphur, Temperature