The Wolfe Density lndicator

CIM Bulletin, 1958


AKNOWLEDGE of the density of a pulp or suspension is frequently required by the millman, to whom fluctuations in density, which occur in all mill circuits, a re of importance and interest. There ,are many w.ays currently in use to d etermine density and probably the most common method is to take samples of the pulp. The proper sampling of the rnaterial is no easy matter, particularly when the pulp contains a sand fraction which settles r.apidly. For example, when filling a liter co ntainer from the overflow of a classifier, it is almost impossible to f ill the can completely and yet prevent overflow. If there is an overflow, the pulp remai ning in the can invariably has an excess of sand and the indicated density will be too high
Keywords: Air, Aspirator, density, manometer, needle valve, pulp, Classifiers, Density, Fluids, Gravity, Sand, Supply, Tubes, Water, Waters