The Western Cordillera

CIM Bulletin, 1970

J. O. WHEELER, Geological Survey of Canada, Vancouver, B.C.

THIS PAPER concerns the Western Cordilleran region, embracing most of British Columbia, the southern half of Yukon Territory and the southwestern most part of the District of MacKenzie. It excludes Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands, which are discussed in a background paper on the Pacific Continental Shelf. The region is bounded on the south by the northwestern United States, on the west by the continental shelf and Alaska, on the north by the front of the Ogilvie Mountains, on the northeast by the axis of the MacKenzie Mountains and on the east by the Rocky Mountain Trench.
Keywords: British Columbia, Cordillera, Development, Developments, earth scientists, Geological Survey of Canada, University of British Columbia, Western Cordillera, Yukon and British Columbia, minerals, Projects, Research, Rock, Rocks