The Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Area

CIM Bulletin, 1950


The Sedimentary Basin area of Western Canada, which lies between the Precambrian Shield and the Cordilleran mountain area, covers approximately 800,000 square miles. Sediments ranging in age from Cambrian to Tertiary are present and, of these, horizons in the Upper and Lower Cretaceous, Jurassic, Mississippian, and Devonian have yielded commercial oil and gas flows. Producing horizons in the Cretaceous and Jurassic are sandstone, while all those of the Palaeozoic are carbonate rocks such as red limestone or dolomite (bioherms).
Keywords: Alberta, Discovery, Middle Devonian, Moose Jaw Syncline, Precambrian, sedimentary basin, Turner Valley, Alberta, Oil, Oils, Rock, Rocks, ROCKY, Sandstone, sediments, Western Canada