The Utilization of Low-Grade Domestic Chromite

CIM Bulletin, 1952


OVER half a million tons of chromite ore is u:sed annually on the North American continent, all of which is imported from overseas, Chromite is essential in the manufacture of stainless steel, armour plate, and tool 'steel, to mention only three important uses. It is, therefore, a strategic mineral, and every effort should be made to discover a means of utilizing our domestic supplies. Both Canada and the United States possess deposits of chromite, but they are low grade with respect both to their chromium content and to the ratio of chromium to iron. Mechanical concentration can improve the chromite content by rejecting gangue, but chromium concentrate produced is still lower in chromium than imported chromite and, more important, the ratio of chromium to iron is only about half that in the imported material. At present, a chromium to iron ratio of 3:1 is desired by industry. To obtain this .ratio in the case of domestic ores, a chemical attack on the chromite is necessary.
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